We offer several types of mulch in 2 cubic foot bags: hardwood, dyed black, dyed red, absolute red, cypress, pine bark nuggets, pine bark mulch. We also carry composted manure, peat moss, organic humus, and top soil.

  • Cyprus – 2 cubic feet
  • Hardwood – 2 cubic feet
  • Pine Bark – 2 cubic feet
  • Bulk Mulch – by the truckload delivered
  • Professional Potting Soil – small & large bags

By the Scoop:
Black dyed mulch: $40 per scoop
Brown natural mulch: $40 per scoop
A scoop is a “skid steer” scoop. It is approximately 1 cubic yard which equals 10 bags of our 2 cubic foot mulch.

Bulk Mulch delivered:
We can deliver a trailer load of mulch to dump at your home. This is $180 per load, delivered. It equals about 4 cubic yards of mulch. You are welcome split the load with a neighbor if you don’t need that much.


Absolute Red Mulch


Composted Manure


Peat Moss


Top Soil